Making digital courses allows you to... 

GROw your income while having Mega impact on the world

My Profit Planning Bundle will give you support to keep it profitable. 

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Can you imagine...

  • Feeling totally secure in setting the best price for your course and setting a budget for ads and other launch expenses?
  • Having plug-and-play worksheets that you can use to plan a launch that actually puts money into your pocket?
  • Knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to meet your personal financial goals, save for taxes, and reinvest in your business for growth?

It's possible...and my Profit Planning Training and Course Launch Worksheet bundle can help you get there!

If you're ready to Serve and support your community and be profitable


My Profit Planning for Your Course Launch Training and Worksheet Bundle will give you the tools and plug-and-play formulas you need to understand and plan your course launch finances...even if you are numbers-phobic!

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Profit Planning for Your Course Launch

is a step-by step-training and deluxe worksheet bundle that will give you all the tools you need to manage the financial side of your course launch; from pricing your course to determining your optimal Facebook ad spend to paying yourself and saving for taxes (and more)! 

When I first pivoted my business from 1:1 consulting as a Virtual CFO to an online course educator, I realized that managing profit for course launches was a very different animal than many "more traditional" business models. 

I was determined to have a profitable first (and second, and third...) course launch, but struggled with setting a reasonable budget and knowing how much to set aside for expenditures like Facebook ads and technology. 

After multiple launches, I've been able to develop a system that helps me plan my course launches and costs, as well as helps to ensure I'm paying myself from my business and properly saving for taxes and business growth. 

And now...I'm making my system available to YOU in my Profit Planning Training and Course Launch Worksheet Bundle! 


By the end of this training you’ll learn:

  • My entire 7-step process to set up my launch up to be a PROFITABLE success.
  • How to determine (or validate) your optimal course price.
  • Two different methods for setting a Facebook Ads budget designed to help you meet your financial goals (or how to meet your financial goals WITHOUT ads, if you decide not to run them).
  • How to set up and track your individual Profit Plan for your course launch that allows you to meet your personal financial goals, save for taxes, and reinvest in your NEXT launch for continued growth! 
  • How to track and analyze the metrics important to your course launch in order to continue to grow in your NEXT launch!

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But that's not all! For a limited time also grab....


Grow Your Audience Guide

What You Get:

This guide gives you the behind-the-scenes secrets to growing an engaged Facebook group of ideal customers ready to buy your course! Whether you have a group or have just thought about one, this will kickstart your growth!

In 13 months, my Facebook group grew from 0 to nearly 30,000 members. My group is the source of over 80% of my course buyers and has allowed me to earn 6 figures in my first year selling online courses. 

In bonus two, you’re going to learn:

  • How to start a Facebook group on the right foot, and pack that group with your ideal community members that need you!
  • The secrets for fostering engagement in Facebook groups. More engagement = more people view your posts = beating the dreaded "algorithm"! 
  • How to effectively SELL your course to your Facebook group in an authentic way, and have people LINING UP and excited to buy from you! 


When you enroll now

you’ll get: 

The Profit Planning for Your Course Launch Training + Worksheet Bundle
(A $400 Value)


In this bundle, you will get 7 Video Lessons that each corresponds with a plug-and-play worksheet that auto-calculates to help you plan and track your profitable course launch! 

Step 1: Setting Your Course Price learn how to set a course price that will maximize your profitability.

Step 2: Setting Your Ads Budget learn two different methods to set and ads budget an estimate conversions (or determine the path to meeting your financial goals without ads).

Step 3: Setting Your Course Launch Budget plan out your total course launch expenses and determine your break-even point and your target sales.

Step 4: Projecting Your Launch Profitability automatically create your launch profitability projections, which allows you to look at the base case, best case, and worst case scenarios.

Step 5: Assessing Actual Revenue and Cash Flow track your actual revenue from sales and the timing of receiving the expected cash from payment plans.

Step 6: Assessing Profitability & Allocate Cash review your actual launch profitability vs. your plan and allocate cash based on your profit plan to pay yourself, save for taxes, reinvest in your business, and more.

Step 7: Tracking and Analyzing Your Metrics keep track of the important metrics of your course launch and analyze them to determine how to continuously grow in your next launch.

Get all of this PLUS the Limited-Time Grow Your Audience Bonus (ending soon!), all for only


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See what these course creators have to say about my Profit Planning Training and Worksheet Bundle!

2020 DCA Student

Shawn Hondorp

“As a planner, I loved the ability to plug in some numbers and play around with different options for my course price"

I'm pretty early on with my online course planning and only have 125 on my email list, but this planner helped me to confirm how many I really should aim for on my email list to achieve my ideal launch profit goals and helped me feel empowered about the financial scenario possibilities. I LOVED the ability to plan for the worst case scenario and learn that I could actually still be profitable even if things went poorly, that is very comforting and helps me to feel a sense of stability. Getting a sense of what I could expect for a launch profit actually prompted me to revisit my overall business plan for next year with this detailed information. As a brand new business owner still working a 9-5 job, this planning tool has given me a lot of peace of mind as I venture into the world of entrepreneurship. 

2020 DCA Student

La Quinn Menier

“When I signed up for DCA I was nervous about spending a big chunk of money. ”

Jamie’s profit planning course shifted my mindset and now I know what to charge my students to be profitable and make my investment back using the perfectly curated course bundle worksheet.

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I'm Jamie Trull.

I'm a Profit Strategist and online course creator who focuses on teaching business owners how to take control of their finances by creating a personalized financial plan that works for THEM. 

I was able to turn my 1:1 consulting business into a thriving digital course education business that gives me the freedom I'd been longing for.

I've helped thousands of business owners and self-employed individuals learn to better understand, manage, and even love the numbers side of their business.

I would LOVE to help YOU transform your life through planning profitable course launches that allow your business and your life to THRIVE. 

You Could Launch and Hope for the Best or You Could Launch with a Profit Plan...

Or you could have a PLAN to get there! Get the Bundle today and get access to this step by step training on how to best manage the financial side of your course launch...from pricing your course to determining your optimal Facebook ad spend to setting and tracking your course budget!

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