Becoming an Online Entrepreneur Gave Me More Freedom

Now you can learn my secrets. I am sharing resources I created for online entrepreneurs as well as some of my favorite resources I've used to learn the ropes! 

My Course Creator Journey

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Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast with Amy Porterfield

How Much Does it Actually Cost to Start & Successfully Grow a Biz

In my third and most recent interview with Amy Porterfield, I share about how new and experienced course creators can manage their budget, but I also got to talk about my PROFFIT Plan™ framework that helps you come up with a personalized plan for managing the profit in your business to make sure you can meet your business AND your personal goals! Create Your Own PROFFIT Plan™ here

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5-figures in 6 months & 6-figures in 1 year: This Could Be You

In my second interview with Amy Porterfield I share how I went from corporate girl turned overwhelmed entrepreneur turned entrepreneur with a thriving online business, a lucrative digital course, and the time and freedom to prioritize my family and make an impact far beyond what I ever imagined.

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How to Do a "Course Call" to Validate Your Digital Course Idea (Ep. 280)

In my first podcast interview with Amy Porterfield, she interviews me for a validation call for her DCA program. Validation leads to clarity, clarity leads to confidence, and confidence leads to bold action.

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Profit Plan for Your Course Launch

This step-by step-training and deluxe worksheet bundle will give you all the tools you need to manage the financial side of your course launch; from pricing your course to determining your optimal Facebook ad spend to paying yourself and saving for taxes!


Profit Planning for Your Course Launch Training + Worksheet Bundle


a $400 vale

  • In this bundle, you will get 7 Video Lessons that each corresponds with a plug-and-play worksheet that auto-calculates to help you plan and track your profitable course launch!
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS Grow Your Audience Guide. gives you the behind-the-scenes secrets to growing an engaged Facebook group of ideal customers ready to buy your course! Whether you have a group or have just thought about one, this will kickstart your growth!
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DCA changed my business AND my life.

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Hello I'm Jamie Trull

I'm a CPA-turned-financial coach and profit strategist who wants to help YOU succeed in your business!

In the last year, I stepped out of my normal realm of expertise and learned as much as I could about the various stimulus packages that are available for your small business so you can make the best decisions for your business right now.

In case you didn't already figure it out, I LOVE talking all things finance/accounting/taxes and I go live weekly to teach you "all the things" a way that actually MAKES SENSE over in my Facebook Community.

Above all, my community is a safe space, to ask your questions! There are no stupid questions. I created this community after seeing a need for TRUTH in a sea of misinformation on these topics that tend to float around the social media world.

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